Parallels Annual Report 2021: Mac Use in Small- to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

As tradition wants, in 2021, Parallels ran its annual survey about the use of Mac devices in SMEs. While Mac usage was increasing, we found that there was still a hefty percentage of organizations using PCs. This year, we followed up with a similar study and found that Mac usage is rising. To understand the current state of Mac usage in the workplace, Parallels surveyed over 200 IT professionals around the globe.

The biggest takeaway:

Even though Mac devices carry a high price tag, they are steadily becoming common in the workplace. However, many organizations aren’t well-prepared to support them, and various Windows applications haven’t yet been made available on Macs.

The information we’ve gathered will prove incredibly useful to decision-makers and inuencing stakeholders who would like to better understand:

  • What operating system (OS) to invest in.
  • How to update work from home policies and whether implementing bring-your-own-device(BYOD)/ choose-your-own-device (CYOD) programs make sense.
  • Whether le and application compatibility between PC and Mac (still the number one deterrent of using Mac computers in the workplace) will continue to be an issue.

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