Download the Process-Created Watcher Script for Parallels RAS and other VDI Solutions

This script’s delivery mechanism is agnostic, which means it will work on Parallels®️ Remote Application Server (RAS) along with other virtual desktop and application delivery solutions.

Use this script to help troubleshoot situations such as slow or failing logon and understand how different applications interact by finding out what processes were launched, by whom, when and with what command line arguments.

The benefits of using this script include:

  • Low overhead/resource usage.
  • No prerequisites, such as enabling process creation and command-line auditing.
  • Easily remoted—this script can run from another machine that has rights to access the remote machine.
  • Does not require elevation (scenario dependent).

The script shows what is run almost as soon as it happens and has features to allow it to perform actions when specific processes, optionally matching specific command lines, are run.

Script author: Guy Leech
Date created: 08/04/2021

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